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What lvl do you get cat form
What lvl do you get cat form

What lvl do you get cat form

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Shapeshift into Cat Form, increasing movement speed by 30% and allowing the use of Ferocious Bite no longer loses damage when cast with a low amount of

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Jan 14, 2009 - Best Answer: It is lvl 20. Source(s): 30 = travel form 40 = dire bear form . WoW: What is better for a Tauren Druid, cat form or bear form? Level 20- Cat Form from regular druid training. Level 30- You get the first shapeshift quest as at level ten. Its for the bear Where do I get the level 225 riding? Aug 19, 2009 - When you train cat form, you get access to several abilities. So, you can sneak up behind something, and use this ability to do a big chunk of

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A druid in Cat Form can use both stealth and Track Humanoids to ambush people in PvP. By default, if you have no profession tracking on, when you shift into I have gotten my aquatic form, and everybody says that you get your cat form quest at level 20. Well, I'm way Do you have to learn it from a trainer, or is it an actual quest? If trainer, who can I get . 20 lvl - Cat Form ( Trainer ) Jul 13, 2008 - im at lvl 20 and i want cat form. how do i get it? someone please help. i got a lvl 70 have to go to moonglade and do ALMOST the See you have walk throughs for the rest of the "form" quests here, but no walk in the buttfigured I'd haveta hop a rocketship to the moon to get cat form! would have the 1.8 changes finalized when 1.7 is still being tested.Oct 27, 2014 - Get an Epic Experience with Premium Cat Form is a druid shapeshifting form available at level 6. Similar Speed increase does not stack with that of [Dash]. When a druid shapeshifts into a mighty cat, they are composed of Shapeshift into cat form, increasing melee attack power by 40 plus Agility. Also protects the caster from Polymorph effects and allows the use of various cat

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